Here's what the 14 video course teaches you...

course modules

Module One: What's Your Destination?

  • Lesson One- The launch of You

  • Lesson Two- Determine Your Destination

  • Lesson Three- Describe Your Ideal Practice

Module Two: Mission Plan

  • Lesson One– Choose Your Target Market

  • Lesson Two– Choose Your Niche

Module Three: Lauch Pad

  • Lesson One– Build Your Launch Team

  • Lesson Two– Build Your Launch Site

Module Four: All Systems Are Go

  • Lesson One– Set Up Your Business Accounts

  • Lesson Two– Set Up Your Business Systems

Module Five: Lift Off

  • Lesson One– Set Up Your Website

  • Lesson Two– Launch Party

  • Lesson Three– Determine Your Fees

Module Six– Outer Limits

  • Take Your Practice To The Next Level

Cash THERAPY Practice From Scratch course



Includes all the videos, exercises, resources and the CPS workbook for you to launch your practice on your timeline


The Do-It-Yourself version includes email support for 90 days but does not include one-on-one coaching and small group support. 



Escape The Corporate Grind To Become Your Own Boss!

Do you feel like...

  • your jam packed schedule is more for profit and less for quality care

  • you spend more time looking at a computer than your patient's faces

  • your family-personal life suffers because of work

  • money will always be tight because of your school loans

If you do then the question is... 

Are you going to stop blaming the insurance companies, doctors and your boss and start taking control of your career? The course enrollment is limited to 10 students to allow for one-on-one coaching and small group support. 

“Attention Aspiring Practice Owners!”


Can You Really Own Your

Own Practice in 90 Days?


Revealed in the course...

  • How to start a practice with the least amount of risk and money...

  • How to break free from a jam packed schedule and endless paperwork

  • How to fill your day with ideal patients who want you and are happy to pay you

Dear Frustrated Therapist,

Are you sick of more patients being added to your already packed schedule? Do you feel like there’s more emphasis on profit than quality care? Does it seem like you spend more time looking at at computer screen than your patient’s faces?

If you’ve dreamed about owning your practice but didn’t know where to start. If you’ve spent countless hours on the Internet trying to find the right answers and you still haven’t launched your practice then you’re about to find you’ve been waiting for.

If you were to Google “how to start a private therapy practice” right now, you would get thousands of results.

You would see article upon article digging into dozens of questions about running a practice…

  • How to get more referrals…
  • What location is right for you...
  • Which software to use…
  • What kind of equipment you need…
  • How to get paid more by insurance companies…

I’m surprised they don’t mention the carpet color or the wallpaper pattern!

There’s one question you won’t see there -- and it’s the only one that really matters...

Do You Have Enough Patients Who Want What You Do And Will Pay You For It?


Ideal patients are what makes or breaks your private practice. You could have the fanciest office, state-of-the-art equipment, premium location, best software in the industry…

...but without patients, your practice is dead in the water.

And that’s why starting a traditional insurance-based therapy practice is almost guaranteed to fail.

You don’t need a billionth piece of advice on what networks to join, how to write a business plan or what latest treatment technique to get trained in.

You need a way that guarantees your practice will make money -- before you spend even one dollar upfront.

I can help you attract and treat your first patient with little to no cost, and risk. I can help you start a profitable practice from scratch, even if…

  1. You have minimal business and technological experience.
  2. You’re still paying off student loans.
  3. You have doubts that people will pay you for what you do.

The premium course enrollment is limited to 10 students to allow for one-on-one coaching and small group support. 


Hello, my name is Paul Potter, and I’m a therapist probably like you. I’ve been in the field of physical therapy for over 35 years, owning a solo practice and caring for patients from all walks of life. I know what it’s like to…

  • To be frustrated with the over emphasis on profit at the expense of quality care
  • To spend way too much time on paperwork and away from my family
  • Feel like my work-life balance is out of whack
  • To feel different from other therapists because I’m an entrepreneur
  • Have a mentor to guide me when I didn’t know what I was doing

I always wanted to open my own practice and be my own boss, even while I was in physical therapy school. When I graduated I didn’t have the money nor the expertise so I started treating patients on the side while I worked full time in a hospital.

Along the journey, I discovered a way to use “lean startup” principles to launch a physical therapy practice that eventually grew into a profitable and meaningful career. I believe that therapy entrepreneurs like you are the key to our profession’s future.


Take Control Of Your Career And Income

I’ve helped therapy entrepreneurs create a fulfilling and profitable practice for themselves. I know how confusing and overwhelming it can be to know where to start.

How consumers pay for healthcare has changed dramatically. The cash practice business model is providing a workable alternative to an insurance based practice. Therapists all over the world have successful cash therapy businesses without depending on doctor referrals or decreasing payments from insurance companies.

If you feel like doctors and insurance companies don’t value your services it’s not because there’s anything wrong with what you know or your skills. Therapists are some of most caring and smartest healthcare professionals on the planet.

The problem with the rehab industry- with a few exceptions- is therapists are not taught anything about business or marketing in graduate school. Unfortunately, with more referrals controlled by large corporations and medical providers employing their own therapists the need for therapists to stand out from the competition is greater than ever.

The bad news is that competition is going to increase and reimbursement is going to decrease. Which means more work for less pay. The good news is that there is a way to advance your career and avoid hassles from insurance companies and working for “the man”.


For The Sake Of Your Career, Now Is The Time For Action


If you’re going to take your destiny into your own hands, you need to become an expert in your field, create an awesome professional brand and know how to attract paying clients to your practice.

Now you can do this by trying to learn it all on your own by reading books and scouring the Internet for months if not years spending countless hours and cash. Or you can..

Instead of building your entire practice before you see your first patient. I’ll teach you how to…

Let Me Show You How To Launch

Your Own Practice In The Next 90 Days


In the Cash Therapy Practice From Scratch Course I use real world advice to help you quickly turn your practice idea into a viable niche practice. You’ll receive step-by-step guidance on starting a cash practice from scratch without spending boatloads of money.

The Cash Therapy Practice From Scratch Course will teach you another way to build your dream practice. Instead of spending thousands dollars and countless hours on setting up your business that you're not sure will work we take a different approach. Instead of building your entire practice before you see your first patient you will create a practice pilot to discover what your ideal clients want from you and are willing to pay. You will learn how to build momentum for your practice launch will patients and key influencers who will support your launch.

There are 6 essential steps therapists should take to launch a successful practice with the least amount of risk and money. There are key questions you should answer as you take concrete steps to having your own practice. You'll be guided through a process to discover the fundamental answers in each course module:

Module One- Destination

  1. Who am I?

  2. Where have I been and where am going?

  3. Why do I want to go there?

Module Two- Mission Plan

  1. Who am I going to serve?

  2. How am I going to make their lives better?

  3. Is there a market?

Module Three- Launch Pad

  1. Who will support me?

  2. How will people find me?

Module Four- All Systems Are Go

  1. How do I run a business?

Module Five- Lift Off

  1. How do I get noticed?

  2. How do I make a profit?

Module Six- Outer Limits

  1. How do I provide exceptional value?

  2. How do I grow?

What Others Have To Say...

I think you will find that The Cash Practice From Scratch Course is the best strategy to start your own business with the least amount of risk and cost. You’ll create a solid Pre-Launch foundation strategy and utilize only the essential business systems to get your practice off the ground fast.

But Don't Just Take My Word For It...

Wesley Northy 200.png

Wesley Northey DPT Student- Arkansas

“Paul has provided a very engaging and insightful experience for establishing the foundation of a private practice. I found the weekly dialogue and interaction with other therapists, as well as having all of the material and resources available on Dropbox most helpful. They will be a tremendous resource for me to refer back to as I continue developing my practice.”

Carol Rosenau PT- Nebraska

"Paul Potter knows his stuff!  He knows PT. (35 years in private practice)  He knows private practice .( contacts and interviews with leaders across the country) He knows business.  (podcasts on a great variety of topics)  But what makes him "stand out" is his heart!  He is truly interested in helping me succeed.   Paul was so willing to help me get over the obstacles and encourage me along the way. "


Adam Welker PT- Arizona

I feel like I learned a lot of useful information and made progress in working towards opening my own clinic.  I thought the most valuable part of the course was helping to narrow my focus on a practice niche and interaction with other members of the course.”


Steven W Forbush, PT PhD– Arkansas

I have known Paul Potter as a man constantly searching for knowledge and understanding and willing to share this newfound information with all who are around him.  I also know Paul is a successful and innovative practice owner.  He publishes an interesting and informative blog, stays up to date with all the newest social technologies, and continues to improve himself as a therapist and a professional.  

carol rosenthal head shot 170.png

Cash THERAPY Practice From Scratch course



Includes all the videos, exercises, resources and the CPS workbook for you to launch your practice on your timeline


The Do-It-Yourself version includes email support for 90 days but does not include one-on-one coaching and small group support. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any refunds?

Starting a successful practice is not easy. You have to be self-motivated, overcome obstacles and find a way to make it happen. If you're not confident this is best time don't enroll in the course. However, if you’ve done the homework and the course isn’t meeting your expectations I offer a 30-day money back guarantee.

How long is the course?

The course is self-paced and you will have lifetime access to the content. Plan on 5-10 hours per week to complete the homework. You will be guided step-by-step to set up a practice to see your first paying client in 90 days or less. Some students may take longer but student support ends after 3 months.

Is there any support?

For 90 days your enrollment includes:

  • Unlimited student forum support
  • Two 30-minute 1-1 coaching calls valued at $200
  • 3 live interactive office hours for Q & A
  • Accountability with student partners

What's included in the course?

If you want to start a practice with the least amount of risk and money there is not better system. You'll get:

  • The FULL 12 week 6 module course delivered each week in video, audio and pdf formats
  • 62 page workbook containing all the worksheets, checklists and assessments to help you reach key milestones
  • Select resources to streamline your process
  • Bonus audio files with cash practice experts

How difficult is the course?

Starting a business from scratch has a lot of moving parts. We've used "lean startup" methods to make it simple as possible. No fluff included-just the essential steps to get your business off the ground.

Is there technology help?

Successful practices today rely on technology to attract ideal clients and automate business systems. We provide links to trusted resources and experts that will assist you with technology.

How long do I have access to the course?

How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own. Student support is available for 90 days from the date you begin the course.

What can CPS do for me when I work for someone else?

Whatever your day job, financial situation or area of expertise, CPS can help you maximize your earning potential and career fulfillment by starting your own business. Who says you have to quit your full time job to start a business that capitalizing on your knowledge and skill. If you are good at what you do and you're passionate about helping people you can turn your expertise into a profitable side gig and keep your day job if you want.

What if I don't have a solid idea for my practice?

No problem at all! If you have zero ideas or a thousand, in CPS you'll learn how to visualize your ideal practice and ideal client based upon your passions and experience. You will learn how to validate your niche practice idea through market research. You'll refine your unique profitable service through relationships with your launch team.

What if I want to pay upront-do I get a discount?

Yes, you do! A one-time payment for the Cash Practice From Scratch Course is $997, which means you will save $104 if you decide to pay upfront.

Is there 1 on 1 coaching?

You receive 2 one-on-one 30-minute coaching sessions. The premium plan includes more 1 on 1 coaching session for those students who want more individualized help to get their practice up and running fast.

What is the investment in the program?

The total investment you need to make for lifetime access to the Cash Practice From Scratch Course is only $997 or 3 payments of $367.

PREMIUM Cash THERAPY Practice From Scratch course with coaching

Buy Now - Star 1.png

Monthly Payment

3 payments of $367

Buy Now - Star 2.png

One Payment

1 payment of $997– save $104!

The premium course enrollment is limited to 10 students to allow for one-on-one coaching and small group support.

Cash THERAPY Practice From Scratch course


NEW DIY $497 computer icon 450.png

Includes all the videos, exercises, resources and the CPS workbook for you to launch your practice on your timeline


The Do-It-Yourself version includes email support for 90 days but does not include one-on-one coaching and small group support.