One-on-one, personalized business-life mentoring

Let's face launching and managing a successful business is not easy. Sometimes it can be down right difficult to know what to do next. 

You might find yourself spinning your wheels trying to discover a clear path to follow.

You might be overthinking your decisions while missing out on opportunities for growth.

You may feel overwhelmed from wearing too many hats and not having enough time to do what you need to do. Your practice might be going great but you are uneasy about the amount of time it takes away from your personal life and the people you care the most about. 

The result is you spend a lot of time and money, never making a real progress. 

That's where business-life mentoring can help. 

I can help you make sense of of it all and help you do the work to launch or grow your business. 


The Mentoring package includes...



Comprehensive business and self assessment. We will work together to identify your #1 Goal. Then we create a step-by-step roadmap to help you achieve major progress milestones. 

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60-minute video chat sessions each month to provide you direction and accountability to take intentional action every month.


Video and audio recordings of our meetings along with shared space on Google Drive to monitor weekly progress towards your goals. 

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email support

Unlimited weekly email support to problem solve or get you past temporary obstacles. 


This service is a good fit if...

You want honest and direct feedback on your practice and life.

You're self-motivated, teachable, resilient and willing to work hard to make ideas happen.

You're willing to create monthly space of 5-10 hours in your calendar to get things done.

A mentoring relationship works when it's a good fit for both individuals. I create a limited number of openings each year to help entrepreneurs who want to start or grow their practices. 

the bottom line

The onus of mentoring is on the person being mentored. We will work hard together on pre-determined priority and goals. We will draft a roadmap that identifies your high-level milestones to reach your #1 goal. We breakdown the roadmap into action steps and a timeline to make progress towards each milestone. I will follow up with you, review your work, challenge you and proactively check in with you keep you on track to reach your #1 goal. 

the investment

In this relationship, your greatest investment will be in yourself by responded to someone with nearly 40 years of business experience in lean practice management who is committed to your success. 

You may begin at any time. There are no 'breaks' or 'freezes' once we get started. The coaching program is continuous for 3 or 6 months. Six month renewals are offered at lower monthly rates so you can continue to make progress towards other goals.  

The coaching program will begin on the date you select and your first payment. (Note if the second payment is not made the program will stop with no refunds for any reason. There are no refunds for coaching for any reason, unless I cancel your enrollment because we are not a good fit. In that case I will provide a prorated refund. 

option 2

  • Monthly online coaching meetings
  • Comprehensive business & personal assessments (2hrs)
  • Creation of goals and milestones
  • Deadlines, timelines, accountability
  • Video and audio meeting recordings
  • Weekly email support
  • Weekly review of work
  • Limited additional phone calls
  • 6 month minimum



option 1

  • Semi-monthly online coaching meetings
  • Comprehensive business & personal assessments (2hrs)
  • Creation of goals and milestones
  • Deadlines, timelines, accountability
  • Video and audio meeting recordings
  • Unlimited email
  • Unlimited review of work
  • Unlimited additional phone calls
  • 3 month minimum